Monday, November 16, 2009

When the BOW Breaks

If I were the Presidant I would bow to no man. There is no one that would be greater then me and on the other hand I would understand that I also would not be greater then any one else so in effect no one should BOW to me. I would understand that all Men and Women were created equal in the eyes of (my) God and should all be treated the same as I would like to be treated.
Wait this kinda sounds like on of the 10 Commandments or is it a Constitutional Right LOL
either way it sound pretty good.

Thats what I would do Differant.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I would not accuse the media of anything

OK umm, I don't really know what the problem is with some of these Obama followers. Although I did not see the Pilot of ABC's V, I have seen the original from 1982 and think that it is in fact Obama, his admin and the current Whitehouse that may be in some violation of the story line LOL. You see, when V first came out Obama would have been fresh out of high school by only a couple of years. If anyone including the White House should watch the old on before complaining about the new one. Maybe they would see that what they are doing to our country is just plain wrong.
But that’s just my view.