Sunday, September 19, 2010

United Nations today Sept. 19, 2010

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, should be held in New York under arrest until the other two hikers are releast and returned to the USA unharmed. Once they are retuned Mahmoud {I’m-a-dip-wad} ahmadinejad should then be held untill all nuke plants are dismantled and destroid.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hikers being held in Iran

Hikers in Iran? there should be no question. We should have already gone in and brought them back. No not by talking you silly people. We should have gone in with guns blazing and taken them back by fource.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OK this is a bit off topic but you really need to read it.

Just a few thoughts from my desk.

A couple of days after 9/11 in 2001 I felt I had to get something off my chest so I sat down and wrote what I was feeling. I ended up writing a poem or verse as it where. I hope you enjoy it, you may feel the same as I did then. I still feel the same now as I did when I wrote it. I would also like everyone who visits my post to please read on as I have even more to say. Thank You.

I am a Son a Father and a Husband
I am an American, a Patriot, a Soldier
I am a lover of Freedom, a Fighter for Freedom
An American Patriot, A Soldier of Freedom
A defender of the American way of life
I cried for the first time on September 11th 2001
My Freedom was challenged
My Passion grew deeper
My love for my Country Stronger
I CRIED for those lost
My Patriotism more Passionate
I Will Stand, I will Fight, I will not forget
I Am a Passionate Patriot

Daniel F Smith
Copyright ©2001-10 Daniel F. Smith

Okay where do we start? The Constitution? The Mosque? Freedom of Speech? The World Trade Center? Freedom of Religion? Immigration? Oh please don’t get me started on immigration.

The Constitution gives me an American Citizen born and bred the right to choose my own religion. I can worship any God I want, I can even choose not to worship any God If I so choose. This does not give you or anyone else the right to force your God or belief s on me. I also have the right to defend my own belief whether with words or by force e.g. the right to keep and bear arms. I do not care if your God was a rock and I don’t care if you pray to that rock, put once you throw that rock at me then You have thrown the first stone. The rock in this metaphor is your God or your belief if some of you didn’t pick up on that. Again I do not care what you think just don’t tell me what to think.

Well I guess that covers about half of my talking points. I like to try to keep everything short and sweat or straight to the point.

The World Trade Center and the Mosque, that almost sounds like the name of a children’s book doesn’t it. This is nothing more then child’s play in that the Muslims are only trying to force their beliefs on us the US, kind of like they did in the year 691 when they erected the Dome of the Rock in Israel. If we allow the Muslims to create a Mosque this close to Ground Zero we would be giving them a foot hold on our beliefs and our way of life. Please do not get me wrong. I have no issue with Muslims or the faith of Islam as long as they afford me the same courtesy.

Lastly, a few choice words on Immigration.

For the love of God people close the God Damn Boarders. Once the Boarders are closed then and only then can you fix the problems with in the Department of Immigration. Do not think for one moment that Boarder Security and Immigration Reform is the same thing. Look If you fix the problems inside the Department of Immigration with all the RED TAPE and APLICATION WAIT TIME there wont be a problem on the boarder. The only GOD DAMN way to fix it is to FIRST CLOSE THE BOARDER AND DEPORT ALL ILLEGAL IMMAGRENTS. Then and only then can you fix it.

Thank you, for your time.

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